Pathways Community Counselling Clinic is committed to providing affordable mental health services by offering high-quality counselling and psychotherapy through personalised therapy programmes. 

Our professional counselling services cost only $25.00 per session.

Why so little? Because we believe that mental health

support should be accessible to everyone.

Meet Our Therapists


Hanoch Ben-David


"I'm a people coach and a Process Oriented therapist in training. My focus is on helping individuals grow and fulfil their potential, and assist teams in becoming more integrated. I believe that my life is a continuous journey of learning from the people I meet and the places I go. I wish to continue that learning, and be a positive influence on people and society."


Sarah Kane Lawson


Since childhood I have always reached out to those around me in need of help. In my 20’s I realised I myself needed help and I had my first therapy session. I look back on my healing journey with gratitude. In the second half of my life, I now feel called to help others as I have been. I gained my Diploma of Counselling (Processwork) in 2020 and am a Provisional Member of the ACA. I love that Processwork works on a  deeper level and frees us up to let go of our fears and doubts or whatever it is that is holding us back in our lives. 

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Jordan Flynn


I am a 28 year old counsellor currently undertaking my formal studies in psychology to become a psychologist. I have formally been trained in process work psychotherapy, a style that encompasses helping to bring conscious awareness to the client of what is causing them to feel so unbalanced in life and then offering the client a new tailor made strategy, mindset or energy state that will help bring their mental state back to equilibrium over time. I have worked with children and adults and am very excited to work with anyone within the community!


Fern Smith


“Curious at an early age I could not get enough of knowing why and asking how come when I listened to my family’s stories of survival, including tenacious treks across foreign lands.  I learnt about the tragedy of war and how although my parents were resilient, they were not unscathed.  Bearing witness to their pain, and curious how trajectories were not the same for everyone, I was passionate to live something different.  In search of the knowledge and know-how I reflect decades later, that it isn’t any surprise I studied psychology and counselling.  I am proof that it is possible to live something different - and it’s yours if that is what you choose too!    


Karin McLennan


With 20 years of experience in international humanitarian operations, I was witness to enormous global trauma and I experienced my own. Unravelling the knots in my psyche was a bewildering journey, I had no clue how to heal my mind. Ultimately it was a lonely pathway, a journey that no one should have to walk unsupported and alone. Today, I am living testament to how it is possible to heal your life, and I am committed to supporting people to address their pain and suffering so that they can welcome happiness back into their world. 

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Logan Sole


Born and raised in Canada, Logan now lives in Australia and is a lifetime student of the study of humans. The mind and our processes are very unique and complex, and everyone has a different unfolding path that should be respected. Logan is committed to continuing to heal and connect with her authentic self, and her passion is to share that knowledge with individuals that are tired of living in a world that's not made for them, and to discovering the world that was always meant for them. To watch someone discover Love again is why she does this.


Rachel Troia


We will work in the moment. I will meet you where you are at and walk alongside you using my wealth of tools and my deep intuition. You are not a diagnosis or a label. You are precious and unique. This I will honour and respect.We won't just talk in our sessions. Therapy with me is an immersive, deep and interactive process. Expect to use art, role play, Dreamwork, symbol work, meditation and inner-journey tools to shine a light onto what has been buried.Whatever has been your experience, know that I am here to bring awareness and balance into your life. Together we will nurture and heal your pain. I don't want you to remain stuck. Let's create shifts, movement and clarity. 

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Denise Dean


"I have been a local of Galston for twenty years. Having been a stay at home mother to four children for many years and I am now finding myself an empty nester and can now devote my time to my own interests. I am fascinated by and relate to how we each have a need to be heard and understood and sometimes helped along our journey's path. My dream is to be able to help people, listening to them and accompanying them on their process whatever that may be."


Bianca Field


"My name is Bianca (Bee) Field and I am a proud Kamilaroi woman. I am married and a mum of 4 children and a son who was stillborn. I graduated from Pathways Psychology Institute in 2019 after 2 years of core training in Process Psychotherapy (equivalent to Grad Dip) – I am a provisional registrant with PACFA and I am keen to pursue further learning in trauma particularly intergenerational trauma, and continue to deepen my Process work knowledge."


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Acknowledgement of Country


At Pathways Community Counselling Clinic we acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of this land and pay respect to our Elders past, present and emerging. We thank you for your Dreaming.

May we walk alongside you.


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Acknowledgement of Country


At Pathways Community Counselling Clinic we acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of this land and pay respect to our Elders past, present and emerging. We thank you for your Dreaming.

May we walk alongside you.